Sequoia Returns Home

As humans we can find ourselves facing so many questions when the end of life comes for our pets. Questions like: What will I do without them in my life? How do I move on? Where do they go?  Is there really a rainbow bridge?  Can they return in a new body? Do they want to return to me? If they do want to return, how do I find them? These questions all have one thing in common, the unknown. The unknown can be a dark scary place, a place where skepticism lives or maybe just doubt. No matter what you are feeling I have a little experience to share with you. It is a magical story of a beloved dog named Sequoia and her Pet Parents, Ian and Kristin. Kristin, gave me permission to share this with you and she is an incredible writer. Please enjoy the story, allow it to move you, allow it to warm your heart.

Hello angel,

This is Kristin and we saw you a few times with our amazing Sequoia. You helped us so incredibly and we have always felt deeply blessed by our connection and time spent with you as we sought guidance for taking care of Sequoia, during and after her life here on Earth.

A month ago Ian and I felt an inner guidance to begin looking for a dog to come into our family – to be his/her loving and dedicated caregivers for years to come. We had been committed to doing everything to find the earth body that Sequoia chose so we could have her be a part of our family once again. You have been such an inspiration for this and we feel strongly that this is what she most desired. We also, when looking for a dog, didn’t want to be so nervous about trying to find her that we would fall out of touch with our natural instincts to simply ‘know’ when the right dog appeared. We didn’t want to be in fear that we were choosing the ‘wrong’ one and not finding our Sequoia as she wanted us to. So, we gave our intention to the Universe that we wished to successfully locate her and then we handed it over to the angels.

You had adamantly communicated the information she was providing to you that she wanted to be in a cattle dog/herder body and that she wanted to just have a joyous, physically free, fun experience this time around. You said you felt strongly she would be in a rural area. Your intuitive voice said “some place like Lancaster”. You were surprised you came up with that city because it isn’t one you are particularly familiar with or would normally think of but you said it came through clearly.

Ian and I opened our computers and we began with rescue sites (you mentioned also that Sequoia knew we wished to rescue a little doggy so she wanted to come through in that way). We were prepared, at this point, to spend several days or even weeks to get “that feeling”. However, within about 20 minutes, there was a picture of the sweetest little cattle dog, white with black spots, with many black spots on her face. We were instantly drawn to her and in the next couple of hours, no matter what site we went to, we saw her picture. This doggy, a 12 week old, was a cattle dog mix. We saw that she was in Studio City, which caused us to hesitate because that didn’t fit the messages you received. On the other hand, we had promised ourselves, we wouldn’t be deterred from our strong feelings towards a dog because of where they were located. We just had to trust our instincts. We immediately sent a message to the foster parent and requested more information and to meet the dog (at the time she had the name Daphne). The next day my husband called me excitedly, telling me he had heard from the foster parent and that he had set up a time to meet. He continued, with amazement in his voice, to tell me that the woman explained, almost apologetically, that Daphne was not actually in Studio City, but that she was in Lancaster out in a rural area! So surreal! When we went to the house out in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Lancaster, we waited in the area just inside the gate and the woman went quite a distance to let Daphne (now Kaweah) out of an enclosed area where she was with a few other dogs. We weren’t really in sight of her, and yet, she immediately found her way directly to us, on her own, as if she’d been waiting for us for her 12 little puppy weeks on Earth. When we saw her, it was like we already knew her and she was simply coming back home.

She is extraordinary and we love her soooooo deeply. She reminds us of Sequoia constantly. There is a feeling we get from her that is the essence of Sequoia. She certainly is in this life to play. She leaps like a deer with pure joy. She is just that amazing, precious little spirit that we loved so very much for 20 years.

Thank you for the kindness and guidance of your very beautiful heart and soul!!!
Kristin and Ian

Yay, I am back home.
Sequoia Returns Home

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