People are coming . . . . .

We just celebrated another Halloween!  So much fun and excitement is experienced in the anticipation of what to wear, have we decorated, do we have enough candy.  This reminds me of a conversation I had with Baja the lab mix on all Hallows Eve.  I was sitting on the porch with Baja and his granddad watching all the kids parade up and say: “Trick or Treat” and then get a tasty treat put into a bag.  Then they would turn and walk off as the next set of kids came up the walkway.  While I was watching the show Baja had questions rolling through his head as fast as they could come.  Things like:  Kids, yea!  Oh, I don’t know these kids.  There are so many kids coming to visit, why don’t they stay.  Why doesn’t that kid talk to me?  Can I follow them?  This little girl smells interesting?  Olivia!  Auntie, I know Olivia, she comes over for visits.  How come they are not sharing?  How can I get the good smelling treats?  These were only a few of the questions and comments Baja had. 

Thankfully Baja’s Pet Parent, Ken, has spent a number of hours socializing Baja to interact with kids safely and with fun.  But Baja was clearly confused, he did not truly understand why the kids would only walk up and return to the side walk to their parents.  His biggest confusion was expressed in a question: “Why do some of the kids show fear?  I have never smelled them.  I haven’t done anything to them other than introduce myself and ask whatcha doing?”

ken-bajaAt that moment I realized Baja had no exposure to people that didn’t like dogs or were afraid of dogs. WOW, REALLY?  How could that be?  Were the words running through my head. I recognized if Baja had been exposed to those types of people it had been brief and he had no real experience base rely on.  At that point I asked him to just sit with me for a bit while we talked about people.  I asked him if he remembered meeting any other people afraid of him and he said no.  After a bit of conversation Baja said to me: “I guess if some people don’t like dogs then they are missing out on the fun of life.”   I told him he was absolutely right and how smart he was to figure it out.  I also told him it was ok for him not to interact with the people that are afraid.   

Holidays are filled with people coming and going from our homes and just like us our dogs get excited too.   I always see Halloween as the start of our holiday season so the rest of our Holidays are going to come and go very quickly.  Please remember Baja’s words: “I guess if some people don’t like dogs then they are missing out on the fun of life.”   

Don’t miss out on the fun of life!  Enjoy your moments with your pets because those moments truly are precious for us to hold in our hearts and remember with a smile on our face and warmth in our soul. 

As a registered veterinary technician I worked with Lizards to Lions, and I faced moral and ethical dilemmas.  This prompted me to do a tremendous amount of soul searching and that caused me to clearly define my life philosophy.  In my career my position has been to always be pure of love from my soul for that animal in that moment in time.  In the years of listening and speaking with so many animals they became teachers about life, death and everything in between.  The time, energy and passion I invested in animals is pale in comparison to the lessons animals have taught and are continuing to teach me. 

In my off time I have been involved in dog carting, obedience, agility, herding and showing.

By Specializing in Soul to Soul Communication I have the honor of working with people who love and cherish their animals as family members.  I can bridge the clinical aspects of the Veterinary world to the spiritual world with animals and pet parents.  Whether the case is separation anxiety, end of life transition or finding the perfect pet for your household; I continue to be pure of love from my soul while I work with my clients and their pet parents.

People are coming . . . . .

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