Welcome! This is where to come for a little bit of Pet Perspective

One of my greatest teachers was an Australian Shepherd named “Joey”.   Joey did not come to me by way of a normal pet adoption process but that is a story for another day.

By nature, I am a serious sort of person and Joey brought the joy of play to me as one of his teachings.  He was with me at work, home, traveling on rare occasion when I could not bring him with me he would get to go visit PaPa.  I had a moto then: Have kennel will travel!  If Joey is not welcome I will not be visiting.  Love you very much but maybe another day you can come visit us. 

stephanie-joeyJoey was fantastic at interrupting me with perfect timing to say: “Mom, we need to go to the park.”  Not once did he come to me in critical care situations nor did he ever speak up while I was in the middle of assisting in surgery.  But when he did speak up to say: “Mom, we need to go to the park.”  He was right!  He had incredible timing, at that point I had not put 2 and 2 together to realize how much animals read energy (again a subject for another post).  His timing was such that I was at a point I needed a mind recess and if I didn’t take one I would push myself to mental exhaustion and not have the mental sharpness I preferred at work.  So off to the park we would go, play a little, run a little and maybe go down the kids slide a few times have a little treat and my day was so much better.  My mental agility returned, my mood was upbeat ready to face the kennels of sick animals that truly needed me to be hopeful, compassionate and understanding.

We get lost in our world of “on the go” by taking kids to soccer, ballet, school not to mention the grocery store or all the little other errands we do keeping a household running.  So today I remind you, our pets take us to their world when we allow ourselves to listen with our heart.  They remind us: “Mom we need to go to the park.”  In that brief and brilliant message, Joey was teaching me to put my day’s agenda on hold and participate in his world, laugh, giggle, run and play.  He was reminding me to give myself permission to continue to be a soul full of adventure, exploration, learning, loving and joy.   We were able to share 14 years together he as my teacher and me the dutiful student.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie L. Brown, Ph.D. and I don’t remember a day when I didn’t speak with animals.  That is why I chose to go into the Veterinary Medicine field when I was a young.  In the 25 years I was in Veterinary Medicine I started as a volunteer and finished off as a Practice Manager. As a registered veterinary technician I worked with Lizards to Lions, and I faced moral and ethical dilemmas.  This prompted me to do a tremendous amount of soul searching and that caused me to clearly define my life philosophy.  In my career my position was to always be pure of love from my soul for that animal in that moment in time.  In the years of listening and speaking with so many animals they became teachers about life, death and everything in between.  The time, energy and passion I invested in animals is what has made me really good at animal communication.

In my off time I have been involved in dog carting, obedience, agility, herding and showing.

By Specializing in Soul to Soul Communication I have the honor of working with people who love and cherish their animals as family members.  I can bridge the clinical aspects of the Veterinary world to the spiritual world with animals and pet parents.  Whether the case is separation anxiety, end of life transition or finding the perfect pet for your household; I continue to be pure of love from my soul while I work with my clients and their pet parents.

Welcome! This is where to come for a little bit of Pet Perspective

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