God made you that way!

You look into his eyes and you are stunned.  What? How beautiful!  You exclaim: you have two different colored eyes!  And your cat looks back at you with the look of duh!

We all know someone like this.  Sheena In my life, I have a wonderful niece that has gorgeous eyes.  Her eyes are golden hazel with green tones but one is definitely more green and the other more golden.  When she was really young we knew as soon as the kids at school looked into her eyes, the teasing would begin.  Kids can be cruel.  So my mom was the first to tell her:  God made you special!  So special that the whole world will know as soon as they look into your eyes.  Because your eyes are each different then they will be jealous because they don’t have two eye colors.

And so it was to be true.  The kids did try to tease her and she quickly got the best of them because she said: You’re just jealous God didn’t make you special.   Well let me tell you that stopped them immediately.  From that day on; anytime someone noticed her eyes and commented, she just politely said “yes, God made me special”.




This condition is genetics most of the time, occasionally it can be attributed to disease or injuries.  The technical term for it is: Heterochromia.  There are some famous people with it.  You may know the names of David Bowie, Christopher Walken, Jane Seymour, Mila Kunis, or Sheena Tasich.

Breeds like: Australian Shepherds or Australian Cattle dogs or Shelties, or solid white cats will commonly show heterochromia.  I have always seen it as the beauty and proof that every person, dog or cat is unique.

July 12th is National Different Colored Eyes Day.  So let’s celebrate the uniqueness of who we are even if we are not blessed with heterochromia.


Whether your pet has heterochromia or not when you look into their eyes; do you wonder what they are thinking?  And then starts the conversation of:

You: I wish I knew what is going on in that head of yours.

Dog: You could if you listen.

You: I just wish you had a way to tell me what you are thinking.

Dog: I have lots of ways to tell you.  I go to the back door when I want out.  I bark when the mail man comes and drops off stuff you put through the shredder.  I wag my tail when I am happy.  I grumble when the cat tries to get in my food.  I can go on and on and on. . . . . . . .maybe you will listen someday?

You: I heard there is a lady that talks to animals.  Would you like to speak to her?

Dog:  If there is a lady that talks to animals, does she listen?


So how many times have you had this conversation with your dog or cat?  Stephanie can listen to your dog, cat, bird or snake.  But be advised, you may be surprised at what they have to say. LOL

This is a perfect time to stop wondering what your pet is thinking and make a call to Stephanie or go to her website:  StephanieLBrown.com and schedule a session with her.   Or maybe you would prefer to pick up the phone and call 310-318-PETS (7387)                                                                                 Find me on Facebooklink to linkedin




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God made you that way!
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