How does this work?

I just spoke on the telephone with a potential client, she was so sweet and this was the first time she washutterstock_273394292s considering an alternative (animal communication) approach to helping her 4 dogs interact better.  She explained she has an issue with a couple of dogs “fighting” about every six months.  This is a subject for a later date; but she asked wonderful questions and I wanted to share with you because you might have these same questions.

First question: I am skeptical; I don’t know how this can work.

Skepticism should be supported in my opinion.  I don’t think any of us should just “believe”; asking questions is the first step on the road to education.  Education is seeking out a different perspective from a professional; it can prove very rewarding, empowering and beneficial.  When you move to a new area don’t you ask about the services you utilize?  Services like: Hairdresser, Veterinarian, Dentist maybe even the best store for a great deal.  No, you ask people at work, neighbors or maybe even look on the internet to “see” how a service is represented.  Sometimes you will try a business and it is good for right then but it doesn’t offer the value or service you prefer.  Do your research, not every animal communicator is for you.  You have preferences, you already interact with your pets.  You know your dog looks at you a certain way and you tell them: I wish I knew what you are thinking.  Most animal communicators will speak to you on the telephone for a few minutes. Ask a couple of key questions to help you determine if they are good for you.   Ask them about their background.  Don’t ask them to work for free!  But do ask if they have experience with your type of challenge.  By the time they have answered your questions you will know if you are interested in working with that animal communicator or not.

Second question:  How does this work?

Animal Communication is a non-physical form of communication.  So this means the animal will not use their voice or body to speak with me, but they will use their mind.  Some are really good mind Jedis too.  The easiest way for me to explain the process is for me to ask you to think about the radio you use in your car every day.  The radio broadcast station sends radio waves through the earth and air at their assigned frequency.  Now, we do not see, feel or hear the radio waves but the receiver in our car does. Your car radio tunes into that particular frequency and will “interpret” it through the speakers in the car for you to understand.   In our example the animal is represented as the broadcast station.  The animal communicator is represented as the receiver/system in your car and you are still the avid listener.  This is the basic principle of how animal communication works.  The animal communicator will work as a receiver/interpreter and provide the information to you and then they will reverse the process and send information from you to your pet.

Some pets will “speak” in emotions, sensations, pictures or even telepathic words.  A good animal communicator will speak back in the “language” of your pet.  That means; if a horse shows pictures to the animal communicator then he/she will use pictures to send back to the horse.  Some of our trained dogs have really developed words, they know what ball, ride, grandma mean, and they will use those words to speak to the animal communicator to express themselves.

Third question: If you are an intuitive, then how do you interact with everyone and not get overwhelmed?

Another great question!  So allow me to give you another metaphor.  I am willing to bet almost everyone reading this blog drives.  So, remember when you were learning to drive.  Think back on the first time you were behind the steering wheel on a busy street.   Cars turning in front of you, cars coming toward you from driveways, pedestrians, traffic lights, cars next to you, getting distracted by the motion in your mirrors; get the picture?  Well you still stuck it out, you drove and each day you were a little less overwhelmed, each day your brain learned to process what was a priority and what was not a concern.   You may have had a few mishaps along the way and hopefully you learned valuable information from those encounters.

Well I have been participating in animal communication since I was a child, that is a lot of driving time if you know what I mean. LOL  I have learned to focus on the important or immediate concerns.  I have also developed a list of questions I like to go over with the animals so we, the pet and I, can answer the owner’s concerns as quickly as possible.


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